SEO for YouTube organic search not Google organic search


SEO for YouTube organic search

Uploading a video to YouTube is quite easy. Many people seem to be under the impression that they need to optimize their video for SEO for YouTube organic search. In fact, YouTube search ranking is the best and most important way to go. That’s why an SEO for YouTube organic search is the way to go

The reality is that youtube videos don’t particularly rank well in a google search. It is important to keep remembering them as two different entities.

So your strategy should be an SEO for YouTube organic search, not Google Search

Some tips SEO for YouTube organic search

Add Transcripts

To improve your Seo for youtube search is the main reason. Sometimes YouTube will automatically transcribe your video’s content using speech recognition software. But this auto-generated text can sometimes have mistakes and inaccuracies. So at plus353studio, we recommend creating and uploading your own transcripts whenever possible. The uploaded text is indexable by YouTube and used as another form of metadata for your video. This can be beneficial for your visibility in SEO for YouTube organic search results

here is a link to how to upload your transcript to YouTube properly

First 24 hours after upload

The first 24 hours after the upload is important to get it right from the beginning. Youtube will rank your video and it can be somewhat difficult to rank higher after that time frame. So plan and have a list of what you need to do available and carry out the process correctly

Longer Videos uploaded to YouTube

When I first started to upload videos to youtube I figured that short videos were the way to go. This is not the case try to have your youtube videos 5 minutes plus. It doesn’t matter if it is 40 minutes long or as long as it is over five minutes

Keywords for SEO for YouTube organic search

Just like Google organic search YouTube organic search likes consistency. make sure your tagging, headline, description contain the keywords. I have to admit creating keywords is not my strong point and ones that really drive traffic take time and thought. Part of your strategy should be to research your competitors in your niche market and see what term is working good and not so good. See what terms are do ranking higher and if the subscribers are low it means there is a lot of room to do well with that term.

Link to free YouTube online tag generator

The most important thing to remember is that you should keep SEO for YouTube organic search and Google organic search separate. Work on both as part of your strategy.

Link to InDesign Tutorial Blog post

Good photos are not always the result of chance


Capturing good photos is an educated process

Most good photos are not the result of chance a lucky moment captured. In this case, I would say it is. I walk my two dogs here on a regular basis so was at some stage bound to get lucky.
Trying to grab a camera and go looking for a good shot can be frustrating and depending on photoshop to enhance the photo can help, but when overdone can make the photo seem surreal or almost pictorial. So it’s better to take an educated process to the event.
If you do take time to learn the process you will capture good photos with slight touch ups in photoshop and your time and the end result will be better.

Start with black and white photography

Colour photography is fantastic and one could spend years constantly improving one’s ability. My advice for what its worth would start with black and white it is easier to take good photos. The reason I say this is your concern is focused mainly on highlights, shadows, contrast, exposure, and tone. A lot less noise to worry about. Remember your eye predominately sees everything in black and white, some 98% and only 2% processes colour. two tips I would give is to shot in raw format and do not set the camera to black and white. Shooting in jpeg and black and white lessons your options.

So if this is something that interests you go ahead and learn there are many resources out there, learn about exposure and histograms and enjoy the wonderful world of black and white photography which will give you a good base to move on. A great place to start learning is with this youtube video by Exploring black and white photography

find more black and white photos here

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plus353studio tutorial create variable product

Woocommerce Add Variable Product

Woo commerce Add Variable Product

Woo commerce Add Variable Product is one of the things as designers we need to teach to our clients so they can manage on their own websites and upload their own content. A tailor-made a tutorial to aid clients in the use of content management system on a wordpress ecommerce website.

A lot of entrepreneurs who enter the online business can have a brick and mortar presence and not be familiar with the technical knowledge to create an online presence

At plus353studio I decided to make a series of videos tailor-made for each client. A little info in each to eventually create a competent user.

we as designers have to understand that different people react differently to teaching methods, some can read information and process it quite well others may have a more visual or audio approach that suits them.

It would be neglect for a webmaster to leave a client confused about how to operate the backend interface, patience and understanding are needed to familiarise one’s self with a new interface.

Woo commerce Add Variable Product Tutorial

A simple grid layout tutorial (Indesign)

A simple grid layout tutorial (Indesign)

Grids are so important and really are a helpful way to organize your content on a page. They do that practice, but once you get the hang of them
you will see quickness in your decision making. This is a simple grid layout tutorial (Indesign). I used this grid for an A4 size magazine although different from the Amerian Tabloid size the principles are still the same. Remember it is also quite necessary on occasion to break out from the grid they are there to help you not restrict you.

Here is the Link to a YouTube tutorial on creating a grid for a magazine A4 size