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This blog is the 2nd part in a series looking at Instagram marketing. Today I will look at different content ideas and strategies. The focus of this blog will be more towards service industries. Finding content ideas on Instagram for services can be more challenging. If you have a product, post photos of your product, people using your product, and creative ways in which it’s used but if you have a service, it can be a little more abstract and more thought is required as part of your Instagram Marketing campaign.

Think of the user

Let’s look at some different ways to find inspiration for your content idea and strategies. First of all, list all of the products and services that you offer, and then create a second list of all the benefits that your products and services provided. Think of the different ways your products are used and try to be as creative as possible when making your list. It’s important to think about when people are most happy using your product. One example would be if you had a plumbing service.

Be Creative

If you just think about taking photos of you doing plumbing work, they may not be the most glamorous photos to post on Instagram but what’s the end goal of contacting a plumber?. It’s probably to have running water and water is one of the most vital resources on the planet. People really like water. They need water. So now, we open ourselves up to all of these different ideas of the ways that people use water. So, if I’m a plumber, I could post some photos to Instagram of somebody pouring a nice, pristine, cold glass of water on a hot summer day or the family outside enjoying the weather.


 About 80% of Instagram’s user base is outside the U.S



 There are more 1B active monthly Instagram users



 More than 72% of Instagram users have purchased something they’ve seen on the platform


Talk about actual work that you do and the end result of that work. When are those really special moments when somebody’s benefiting from the product that they’ve purchased or the service that you’ve provided? Try to capture those moments as part of your Instagram marketing campaign.

You may have a service that you might not be able to digitally capture straight away. If so remember to be unique, creative, and personal. Capture those special moments and think about all of the different uses that your product or service has and highlight the final benefits to them.


Instragram marketing and content ideas and strategies by plus353studio


Top #hashtags for Each day of The Working Week

It is important as part of your Instagram marketing campaign to use the right hashtags.

• #mondaymorning • #mondaymood • #mondayblues • #mondayfunday • #mondaynight

• #tuesdaynight • #tuesdayvibes • #tuesdaythoughts • #tuesdaytip • #tuesdaytreat

• #wednesdaywisdom • #wednesdaynight • #wednesdaymotivation • #wednesdayworkout • #wednesdaywords

• #tbt • #thursdaynight • #thursdaythoughts • #thursdayvibes • #thursdaymorning

• #fridaynight • #fridayfeeling • #fridaynightlights • #fridayfun • #fridaynightdinner



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