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What is SERP


Google is king when it comes to search engines, taking up 75% of the US market and totaling 40,000 searches per second. With millions of people turning to Google to make their purchasing decisions, small business owners need to understand how Google Search works in order to get their website listed on the results page.

The results page of the search engine (SERP) is the page that appears when a search query is typed into the search engine. We will tackle in this article how Google will determine which pages will appear on the results page. In short, we will be covering:

Google Search 3 Different Types Results

  • How Paid Results Work in Google Search
  • How Local Search Results of Google Work
  • How Google Organic Results Work

Paid search results

You may have noticed that the findings at the top and bottom of the SERP are identified as advertisements when you type a request into Google.

This segment is referred to as Google AdWords or internet advertising pay-per-click.

You can make your ad appear in this section as a small business owner by establishing a google account, writing your ad, and setting your cost.

Then Google determines which advertisements to rank on the basis of the ad’s quality and significance and how much you bid on certain keywords against others.

Local search results

This Google segment is highly essential to local companies because it utilizes the place of the individual looking to show companies closest to them.

For example, if a consumer query for “Thai food near me,” three Thai restaurants near the person searching will be shown in the local results section along with the rating, address, and operating hours of the restaurant.

Organic search results

Based on their search, the organic results are the websites that Google considers the most interesting and meaningful to the customer. Google utilizes a complicated algorithm to determine the locations to be listed on the search’s first page. It can be hard to appear on the first page of the search results if your company is in a competitive market. At plus353studio we can help you get better ranking.

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